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An Electrical Consultant   
EMA Lic   :   7/101193
TAS Lic Contr   :   LIV100711
CIDB Lic Contr     :   SSAOD1867  
BCA ID   :   87.1.9

• Industrial • Commercial • Residential

Ree Electrical Engineering was incorporated in 1st June 1985 and over the past twenty three years; we have striven and improved our services to our valued customers by having high standards and good customer relationships.

Today, our company is one of the best in service and professionalism by having skilful workmanship, electrician, attends Commercial & Industrial works 24hrs, and we would like to highlight that our customers base have increased over the years.

We also specialize in maintenance of air-conditioning, electrical installation, plumbing, repair of machineries & compressed air pipes works, licensing of industrial and residential electrical installation, lightning protection, Infrared Thermo-Graphic Inspection and maintenance of electrical for Commercial & Industrial Buildings. We provide Professional Engineers, Licensed Electrical Workers servicing main switchboard, Primary & Secondary Injector test and provide report.

All the Electricians are employed by the company.

• Responsible • Efficiency • Economical